Panguna is short documentary about a woman named Veronica and her family. During a civil conflict she had a choice to make whether to stay with her family or to make a better life for her and her children. The film shows her strength and determination to see the positives in an otherwise horrendous situation. Follow her story and become inspired to draw strength from your loved ones.
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The Documentary

2017-01-27Panguna is the name of a mine deep in the islands of Papua New Guinea.  This tiny cluster of islands in the pacific is rich in natural resources such as gold, silver and copper. For seventeen years the mine functioned peacefully until 1989 when the local villagers rebelled against the government and targeted the mine. We follow the story of Veronica who was a villager from the area. She fell in love with one of the Australian workers. This documentary will show how she navigated through the conflict with a husband on one side and her family on the other. As their love story unfolded the world around them was at war.

The Director

1620367_10152743729176483_4158095057350471909_nThis is Carmen’s first film and it centres on her family. An unearthed family story brought to life the strength she always knew her mother had within her. As Carmen completes her film-making studies she aspires to tell the stories of those in the forgotten corners of society. She has come from a journalism and marketing background to find herself pursuing her passion for film-making.

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